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Selected projects.

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Project No. 1

The irregular shape of the "neo" tables, embedded, smooth and pleasant to the touch edges and a simple base in a precisely selected color is the perfect background for the beautiful multi-colored painting structure of the tops. 

Opal RET.jpg
Project No. 2

The "opal rain" collection of paintings consists of exceptional, unique forms of glass tapestries, giving the impression of being woven from glass threads, strings and scraps of fabric.

VOG RET kadr.jpg
Project No. 3

The simple form of the "vog" tables refers to small, wooden folk furniture. The idea of this collection is based on a combination of a minimalist, functional form with a rich, light-reflecting texture, inspired by volcanic rock and a distinctive black color. 


20190921_201021 (Duży).jpg
Project No. 4

The "code" project is like a handwritten note, a sketch depicting an ever-changing crowd of people walking along the seashore or flowing through the city streets.. 


Project No. 5

Terra console. The austerity of the minimalist form is balanced by the top with an organic texture. Its warm clay earthy brown tones, shimmering with a touch of iridescent green, accentuate the shiny edges.


Project No. 6

The "verro" collection is a collection of coffee tables, side tables and consoles

and mirrors. It draws its beauty and character from the abundance of subdued, mature colors and raw compositions of Andalusian landscapes...



Project No. 7

The "mare" project is a unique coffee table inspired by the cool color of the sea. The tabletop with a delicate textured surface gives the impression of a sea depth scratched by the wind...


Project No. 8

"Lava" mirror - deep volcanic textured black, combined with the icy silvery surface of the mirror, creates a phenomenal circle. This is a unique combination in a magical expressive atmosphere.



Suchowice 25

57-160 Borów 



Lydia:    +48 691-39-55-56

Marcin: +48 691-39-55-32


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